About Us

About Us: Our Story

Welcome to Spicy Andhra, where we bring the heart of South India to the bustling streets of New York City. Founded by culinary enthusiasts with a deep passion for the flavors of their homeland, Spicy Andhra was established with the mission to introduce the rich tapestry of Andhra cuisine to an international palette. Our founders, born and raised in the lush landscapes of Andhra Pradesh, grew up immersed in a culture renowned for its bold spices and unique cooking techniques. Spicy Andhra is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of heritage, a love letter to the art of Andhra cooking, and a commitment to sharing authentic and unforgettable flavors with the world.

Meet Our Chefs

Behind every dish at Spicy Andhra is a team of dedicated chefs who bring a wealth of expertise and personal experience to the kitchen. Our head chef, Chef Vijay Kumar, has over 20 years of culinary experience, with a specialization in traditional South Indian cuisine. Alongside him is Chef Anjali Reddy, whose innovative cooking techniques have breathed new life into age-old recipes, creating a menu that respects tradition while embracing contemporary tastes. Each member of our culinary team is committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients and crafting each dish with care, ensuring that every meal served is a testament to the authenticity and spirit of Andhra cuisine.